PREPARATION FOR WAR - cicily janus

Preparation for War

Cicily Janus

The stench permeated his nightmares. Asleep, while watching his father rummaging fields for parts belonging to men, the women cried out from their breasts.

It was his plan which impaled that dagger into their minds. An intellect of driving force behind bloated, savaged invaders, massacring villages containing innocence built upon unsoiled systems of a perfect design. Yet, the sewage reigned. Built upon rigors of rage, his mind was lost first, and what he missed the most. Causal decisions were made, conclusions reached. A charged storm of immorality.

"My God! Why? I am absent of the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the mentality to understand. My actions are futile no more." Taking this animosity, he reached into the gallows of bodies awaiting death, heaved an army upon his shoulders rivaling the brethren of Cain. Satan, pregnant with evil, envied this power. A boy in preparation for war.

Cicily Janus is a writer in Colorado Springs. Her works have appeared in or are scheduled to appear in Aesthetica, Writers Post Journal, Outsider Writers, Eclectica and Perspectives to name a few. Currently she is the submissions editor for Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens and she is working on her first novel, Burden of Betrayal.