KNOW THYSELF - leroy k. may

Know Thyself

Leroy K. May

in the middle of an epormyable month when global warming was supposed to show its butt but rather gloved like subantarctic leopards LeRoy waddled outside Breston's new cathedral imagining hip-hop beats while begging for human heat and manners minus 14 degrees under a violet sun.

he preferred the coldness of custody to delicatessens opened 24/7 even if the temple where the wildcat murders occurred preoccupied him almost as much as the voyeur buried in the ashes of a butt.

LeRoy published a short-story in the Falling from the Sky anthology at Another Sky Press last June. He also edited and published a copyleft anthology called Une Histoire Vraie (A True Story) in 2003, and is working on a set of short stories called "LivEvil2K, Memoirs from Another Century". You can read the work-in-progress short stories on LeRoy's blog,