10 Most Beautiful Things I Have Ever Experienced

Shayn Nicely

the night sky; knowing that everything underneath it
is everything from which I have ever
felt seperated

the uncanny vector of significance
that is street lamps, parking lots, solitude,
and 4am

petting my sister's head laying in my lap

laughing gas

stealing wildflowers off of private property;
the terror of leaving a letter before you get caught;
it's called live-action love poetry

wandering through rain storms, climbing as close
to the sky as you can, intersections of space and time that seem
to DEMAND god and fate are conciousness

late-night tv

the safety of knowing
there is at least one doorstep left

magic, simple as openings in traffic
or having
exact change

acceptance of impermanence, even just transition,
finally allows you to stop fighting the forces of nature and merge,
which has only truly settled on me in times I thought I was about to
die (in case you're wondering; 2)

Shayn Nicely, ex-sexy Suicide Girl Xip Suicide. has a tattoo that says she's a writer and a complexion that agrees if you won't take her word for it. She's been published in Bound Off, edifice WRECKED, FRiGG (January 08), Eyrie, and DOGZPLOT, which isn't bad for someone who's 21--too bad she's 57.