MISSING POINT - jimmy chen

Missing Point

Jimmy Chen

First, when my head was severely sunburned, you suggested that I should shave my head every day. This notion, while not absurd, is not completely logical. What does shaving my head have to do with the flakes of burnt skin? I’m interpreting your comment simply as: You were disgusted at the sight of my head, and wished to communicate your derision in some passive-aggressive cryptic way. Third, when your sister and Ben came over, your sister said Ben bought the shirt he was wearing because she asked him to. You looked directly at me with a facial countenance which expressed that Ben was more receptive (and better) of a partner because he listens to her. Ben likes stuff. He is part of a culture which defines itself by stuff. To buy a shirt is not any huge over-extension on his part. I get the feeling you want me to buy some $70 hipster shirt. I will admit, I do have articles of clothing with holes and stains, but when you get someone, you get the whole package. I don’t think that an expensive shirt, or a shirt in general, can embellish a person’s character.

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