8:30 AT THE BAR - kevin michaels

8:30 At The Bar

Kevin Michaels

Bobby T. is on his second Jack and Coke at the bar while outside the rain continues falling in torrents. Free Bird plays on the jukebox. A handful of the people inside pay attention. None of them worry Bobby; at least not once Eddie Vega shows up. But Eddie is already fifteen minutes late; typical, and waiting makes Bobby tense, but the twenty-two tucked against the small of his back gives him the kind of cool that takes the edge off.

It's supposed to be easy – in and out in less than ten minutes if nobody gets stupid. Bobby just watches the door and waves the gun enough to keep everyone glued to their seats while Eddie hits each cash register. Bobby knows he's about more than an easy score, and could empty the clip inside the bar if he had to - just to make that point. Might be the only thing that gets him respect. It's either the Jack or the twenty-two that gives him that confidence. He's not sure which it is. All he knows is that Eddie's late and he's stuck waiting at the bar.

Kevin Michaels is everything New Jersey (attitude, edginess, Bruce Springsteen, and Tony Soprano). The author of two upcoming novels (BOUNCE and STILL BLACK REMAINS), he has also written a number of short stories and articles. He lives at the Jersey Shore and refuses to leave.