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Tickets from the coat check girl should be memorized and swallowed. Like bonds and angst and lockjaw, no one gets on stage without them. Try nylon. It holds anecdotes, not very well but better than a thumb. Or else spread it thin, like butter from a shrew. All instances should be served or checked with you know who. And don't let on about the relatives. Distractions might include: successful uncles, a handsome son. If it was hidden in a hat, then don't look in the pond. Mention death just to shrug off the breathing. Or just swallow down the bad taste that comes from dreaming. If they ever got out into the world it would be dangerously packed with reinvented wheels. Remember there are no coats for writing in the cold. So don't steal too much from Australians, they are the only ones who can decipher anagrams. It's no coincidence that the soup's boiling over. Watch out and it will boil some more. This will save on disappointment.

Orlo Yeahblip
To a Child Who Is Still a FAQ
Miriam Allred