WHAT I FOUND OUT - blythe winslow


blythe winslow

While perched on a log out the back of our church, I lose my virginity to Charlie Coons, who has long eyelashes and eyes the color of pool water. I have no idea why I decide to sit on a fallen log, but I do. At first, when he’s in, I hug him close as if we’re two boxers and I’m very tired. But I am not very tired; I am amazed at the freckles on his shoulders. I’m also amazed at how I don’t want to look in his eyes. I just want to be amazed at the shock of our naked bodies, the sound of still-chirping birds, the itch of bark on my thighs and butt. When it’s over, I want Charlie Coons to say something special, and he does. As he’s lifting his jeans from his ankles, he tells me I’m a sweetheart, and I believe him. What I don’t know but find out later is that Charlie Coons is missing his index finger on his right hand. After I find this out, I never feel the same about sex again.

Blythe Winslow
Glen Pourciau