MR. PIBB, ETC. - ben segal


ben segal

The only cd I could find was Gregorian chants. All my socks have holes in them. I wore a funny hat to the party. Nobody thought it was a joke. Or at least nobody laughed.

They could always remember my dog's name, even if mine wasn't always quick to the tongue.

For dinner I'm getting Taco Bell. I'm getting a gordita. It means 'little fatty.’ I tried to order a 'little fatty' at the drive-through once. I don't think they got it. They told me that no such item was on the menu. I told them to get a translator. I ordered a fajita. I have a whole list of Taco Bell purchases. I transcribed it to its own notebook.

Dec. 19- Chalupa, hard-taco, medium Pepsi.
Dec. 20- 4 hard tacos
Dec. 22- 2 bean burritos, large Mr. Pibb, etc.

Someone once told me, 'It could be worse. You could be collecting your toenail clippings in a jar.'

Ben Segal
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