DRY CLEANING - justin c. witt

You don’t expect to come home one day and find a midget fucking your wife.‭ ‬It’s not something you can prepare yourself for,‭ ‬yet there he is,‭ ‬wearing that ridiculous Zorro mask,‭ ‬smacking her in the hip yelling‭ “‬Ho‭! ‬Ho‭! ‬Hooo‭!” ‬over and over again,‭ ‬neither one of them realizing you are there.‭

“HOOoooooOOOoooo‭!!!” ‬the midget screams,‭ ‬his ass-cheeks jiggling like Jell-O at each pelvic impact.‭

You remember that you forgot to pick up the dry cleaning,‭ ‬the words repeating themselves inside your head as you turn and leave the room.‭ ‬“Yes‭” ‬you say,‭ ‬walking back down the hall,‭ “‬the dry cleaning.‭”

Justin C. Witt
The Sporting Club
Thomas McGuane