TRANSPORT - howie good

I clambered aboard as ordered.‭ ‬It was dark inside,‭ ‬though it wasn‭’‬t night and wouldn‭’‬t be night for hours.‭ ‬Ghosts of lost objects patrolled the aisle.‭ ‬I leaned back and closed my eyes.‭ ‬When I woke up,‭ ‬fire was cradling my head in its lap.‭ ‬We were far from anyplace I knew.‭ ‬The woman reading to her seatmate hesitated over certain words‭ ‬– verdigris,‭ ‬exculpatory‭ ‬– as if she feared their meaning.‭ ‬Others passed around a Polaroid of a brick wall.‭ ‬Poor everybody,‭ ‬I thought.‭ ‬The sun,‭ ‬suddenly below the horizon,‭ ‬continued to breathe with difficulty.

Howie Good
The Arrival‭
‬Daniel Simko