I fell in love with a girl I've never met.‭ ‬She writes like a whore and speaks like a poet.‭ ‬I like it when females write like deranged,‭ ‬drugged out sex addicts.‭ ‬I think maybe they're just like me.‭ ‬And I've never met anyone just like me.‭ ‬If I could clone myself as an identical female twin,‭ ‬I'd fuck her/me all day and hit her and not say I'm sorry cuz I don't lie to myself and she/me would know anyway.‭ ‬I would cum deep in me and lick it out and kiss her/me and make us taste us/it.‭ ‬If I could transfer a brain between bodies,‭ ‬I would switch my brain into my cloned identical sister's body and hers into mine and let her/me fuck me/her until she pulls out and covers us with us and the neighbors would complain.‭ ‬I would hold her/me/it up against a wall and the phone would ring and it would be God and he would be judging me and the neighbors would complain again.