ACCOUNTS PAYABLE - scott garson

Accounts Payable

scott garson

Why does the ham-and-cheese croissant cost less than the ham-and-cheese sandwich? Because its for breakfast? Because lawyers from the offices on the floors above ours occasionally come here for lunch? Oh, I see you, Cafe Metro, I know who you are. The wind out there has spit on my face. The smear of the sky has claimed me. My toes are cold, further. These shoes are in need of repair. Understand one thing, however: I’m nobody’s sheep. I’ll take your ham-and-cheese croissant, right now, before breakfast "ends," as you say. I’ll save it. I’ll eat it later.

Scott Garson’s stories have appeared in the New Orlean Review, elimae, Juked, Quick Fiction, Puerto del Sol, and others.