LIFE DRAWING - jan windle

Life Drawing

jan windle

"Would you draw me?" He seems genuinely narcissistic, very Italian.

"What would you charge?" he asks.

He reclines on the bed in his white bathrobe; it's falling aside. He appears asleep. I have trouble concentrating.

He moves, disturbs the folds of the bathrobe. We agree that I'll find it easier to draw him nude. He is cool, polite. I record his magnificent erection in scrupulous detail, along with his gentle demon's face.

I can't stand it any more. "Do you … ?"

"Yes." He comes close, looks at the drawing. "My wife will love this. I'll frame it and hang it above our bed. Yes, I do….. It's all right, my wife will not know…"

Coolly, methodically, he puts on a condom, caresses me, accepts my caresses, fucks, we chat and fuck again . He is grateful, graceful, respectful.

On the terrace in the morning, he puts down his overnight bag and briefcase. We embrace. He asks if he may contact me again, accepts my card. A patron of my artwork, he deserves that; he has paid for the drawing with euros. I've no doubt that it will hang over his marital bed. But I don't expect to see him again.