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pablo vision

she likes reading erotic writing. cliterature. the covers are usually black. it is written by women for women & generally involves girls getting tied up & girls getting humiliated. i read one where a girl was tied up & various men shot their cum all over her. & then she got it in the mouth cunt ass all at once. she says that there is a difference between what turns her on in her head & what she would like to happen for real. she says this is normal & it is common. she says fantasy & adventure are healthy. & now she wants me to read to her. & so i am reading to her now. & she is using me. or rather she is using my cock. she has put a cock ring on me. she has put a bullet in the ring. i am on my back. i am not to move. i am not to touch. i am not to thrust. she is doing the movement. just as much as she wants & when she wants. the girl in the book is tied to the bed. her legs are wide open. another girl is using her fingers tongue & vibrator on her & she is calling her ’bitch whore slut’ & i am calling her ’bitch whore slut’. & she torments herself like the girl in the book is getting tormented. the girl in the book is in agony of ecstasy of being denied release. she moves her clit to the vibrating ring. she writhes squirms & grinds on my cock. & i long to feel her skin. & to kiss her tits. & to grab her ass & to fuck fuck fuck. the girl’s agony is her agony is my agony. it is ecstasy. & then i watch & feel her cum. she removes herself & goes to the bathroom to piss. my sweet cruel sister.