Summer Vacation Story

bill barr

Every year they made me write about my boring summer vacations until sixth grade when I made everything up. I wrote I stole a car and drove it to see Mickey Mouse. The kids all clapped but my teacher sent me to the office. My father had to leave work and when the principal turned his back, Dad rapped me on top of my head with his knuckles like he was trying to crush me. That night I stole my teacher's car for fun but the police were in the garage when I pulled it back in.

I met Sarah in court. I convinced her to take her grandma's car and drive us to Florida. We were changing a flat tire on the highway when she stepped in front of a truck. I was looking straight into her eyes when it clipped her, shooting her like a pool ball into the trunk. I plopped down on the pavement. The driver stumbled out of the pickup and placed his hand on top of my head asking, "ya alright, son?" I wet my pants then jumped up and drove the car nonstop right back into Sarah's Grandmother's garage. I sat and waited.