OVERDRIVEN - verdi e. mathis


verdi e. mathis

I didn't know you cared. A friend opened my eyes to what was in front of me and now, I think about you often. Your infectious smile, the light in your eyes, your earthy voice calling out to me. You tell me everything about you except what I need to hear; that you care for me, that you want me. Will the words ever come, or is my imagination in overdrive?

Am I imagining your eyes following me when I walk by? Am I imagining the decibels of your voice lowering when we speak? Do I smile when I see you, because you smile when you see me? Tell me you care for me. Tell me you want me. Is a former lovers' burn holding you back? Did she break your heart and bruise your spirit? I'm not her. Don't make me pay for her mistakes. I won't reject you. I won't turn you away. Look at me. See me for who I am. My arms are open wide. Or is my imagination in overdrive?

Verdi E. Mathis is a widow and mother of three, residing in Maryland. She has been published in 34th Parallel Magazine and A Long Story Short Ezine. Verdi can be contacted through her MySpace page at www.myspace.com/plain_toast.