THE ATTENTION OF A MAN - andrea kneeland

He tells me he misses me and that the night before he watched a porno and the girl in the porno looked like me. I think I’m supposed to take this as a compliment but I’m not sure what to say. Thank you doesn’t seem appropriate. What were they doing? I ask and he says she was bent over the couch wearing a wife beater. I’m still not sure what to say so I ask him what he had for dinner and this must be the wrong thing to say because the conversation disintegrates. It’s not that I’m desperate for attention, even for the attention of a man who I know spends at least $200 a week at strip clubs and lives 4 states away, it’s just that I’m lonely. There’s a difference between loneliness and desperation. After we hang up I open all the cabinets in my kitchen even though I’m not hungry and I read through the featured article of the day on Wikipedia which is about Minnesota’s climate and I brush my teeth and I put on a wife beater and pose on the couch and text pictures to him and wait for him to respond.

Andrea Kneeland
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