SNUFF FILM - trisha low

the home movie resumed its present-tensed glory. she said you took to laying this girl that wasn't really a thing, so now everyone's like stop freaking out what the fuck is wrong with you? to say ‘i love when people put up bikini pictures’ is to bear some resemblance to a torture device whose murder is no longer, as they say, ‘in it’. i got my phone cracked. no hope but toothcombs of binary decay. the funny thing is that there are no women in any of the photographs, not even the ones of shoes and weddings. tonal flesh qualities. this video is more of a person. they tell me it has eleven real facts but i can’t count for the sake of scraping my pulp off a sixty degree spool. watch it, this is america, there’s no ‘g’ in yoghurt and certainly not in your lap.

baby, you got it so everyone should take their seats cause without marrow, your bones burn &none, none left to savor licks in cardboard corners.

Trisha Low
Pussy pussy pussy what what or Au lait day Au lait day
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