Trains ran into the night. By morning it was over. Several pigs entered the open window. The light felt slightly used. We worked ourselves into another corner. February frays worse than other months. My lover’s feet are nothing like this. So, we operate on a need to know basis? Some rooms face the ocean. Your crackpot therapist called again. This clock is always wrong. Now, I just sit quietly in the attic. See, this is why I never sing to you! Lady Gaga was awarded intelligence. Suddenly we were low on hope. She practices husbandry and deep yoga. Biscuits were plentiful. Everyone ran toward the fruit bowl at once. The dog smiled from the corner of the picture. It’s time to say something about the winter garden. Frogs jut from pinecones. There were so many things I wanted to say. Butter these bananas. Bats dripped hair onto startled footmen. Not you, again, she said.

Gary Percesepe
J. Franzen